OSIND MEDI TECH was started on the 29th of November 2017, by founder Mohammad Samheel. Our very first products, the AIO-M5 (with sensor glove) and the AIO-M2 a five and two motor based hand rehabilitation device was started as a college project by our founder for which he received the BIRAC-IIPME grant in May, 2017. The company developed the device within the given 12-month duration and then further went on to receive the SBIRI grant on July, 2019 for extensive validation of the product.  Along the side, our team worked on a device that could help elbow rehabilitation which then gave us the Elevate grant on September, 2019 which are currently in its final stages of development. All our products are designed 3D printed and assembled in our office. 

We have been recognised by the MSME Excellence awards for the best product innovation in the year 2019. Currently working with collaboration partners in the Netherlands towards demonstration, development and implementation of the HIM system and CE and MDR compliance for global outreach.